About Peter B. Roth

Peter has written four separate character sketches that describe his life from four different perspectives:

About the Healer

I became interested in healthful living and spirituality as a teen. People have historically come to me for advice in improving their life or health, and I have always enjoyed helping them. My intuition has served me well in this endeavor. In the spirit of living a healthy life that is in harmony with the environment and all life, I adopted a lacto-vegetarian diet in 1992, a vegan diet in 2001 and a mostly raw vegan diet in 2012. The gradual shift to an increasingly healthier diet has taught me that well-being is an on-going endeavor that is intimately linked with one’s consciousness.

I began my study of ZY Qigong in the fall of 2006 and quickly discovered that I had a natural love and talent for it. I continued to take classes, workshops and retreats regularly for a year and a half. I was exposed to Daoism in my training and found a natural love for it, as well (see Dao De Jing Translations and Commentary for more on Daoism). Toward the end of this period I took several workshops in Image Medicine, ZY Qigong’s method of healing. Again I demonstrated a natural talent in this and continued practicing on friends and family until I felt I was ready to begin my healing practice out of my home in 2008. Not long after starting up my healing practice I had the good fortune to join Seattle Advanced Bodywork Associates (SABA), a clinic of various types of body workers. Around the same time I became a founding board member of the non-profit organization, ZY Qigong.

My healing practice eventually evolved into what I call Transformational Spiritual Healing, where I combine intuition, qigong and nutrition in a way that helps clients experience well-being and claim their personal power to live a more fulfilling life.

About the Heavenly Observer

Ever since I was a tyke, I loved to gaze at the heavens. This fascination with the night sky led me to study astronomy on my own as a kid. It is little wonder, then, that as I entered adulthood I would extend this love of the heavens by exploring the connection between the cyclical movements of the planets to life here on Earth in my study of astrology.

When I had my first astrological reading during my senior year in high school, I was totally amazed at how a stranger could describe aspects about myself of which nobody else was aware. I had to learn more! So, from that moment on I studied astrological systems from around the globe, including advanced techniques from both Western and Vedic (Hindu) systems. Because learning astrology was easy for me, I successfully read people’s charts professionally in no time at all!

As a professional astrologer, I am a lifetime member of the International Society for Astrological Research and have attended various astrological conferences all over the country. With over 30 years of experience practicing astrology, I have a good command of many techniques that are helpful to clients who see me. In fact, for the last two decades I have been developing a new system of astrology.

If you would like to have a reading with me, take a look at the various types of astrological consultations that I provide.

To hear me talk astrology, listen to my guest appearances on various podcasts.

About the Messenger

I have always excelled academically, and as a result, often found myself in the role of tutor. During my school days I demonstrated aptitudes for writing, speaking and performing. Most of my performances were in concerts, in which I played various instruments (most notably, saxophone, clarinet and piano) and sang.

After university life I was moved to try my hand at acting and modeling and received training and experience in a variety of settings from magazine to theater to industrial commercial. On television I appeared on The Fugitive (episode Jenny). In the cinema I appeared in The Sixth Man, Prefontaine and most notably in Return of the Magi: A Documentary of Authentic Astrology. See my webpages on the Internet Movie Database.

As for solo performances on stage, I have created and performed comedy routines in order to display my sense of humor to a wider audience. On a more serious note, I have taught the basics of qigong at various venues nationally.

My love of travel has taken me to numerous nations, and my basic knowledge of several languages has come in handy while abroad. I served as an “ambassador” for the Earth Day Network while in Europe in 1999.

After returning home from Europe I began work on a book of ideas for making this world a better place. I share some of the ideas from the book in my blog and the e-book, Small Ways to Make a Big Difference.

In 2008 I was inspired to begin translating the Dao De Jing. The current state of this on-going project can be viewed at Dao De Jing Translations and Commentary. As a result of this project, I occasionally teach a class on this subject in which I feature my translations as well as those of others. See Transformational Presentations for other classes and workshops that I teach.

In 2009 I began publishing a Note to Self on most weekdays on Facebook and Twitter. This led to the publication of a collection of these notes in the book Notes to Self: Inspirational Wisdom for Daily Living in 2013.

About the Engineer

After graduating in the top five of the class of 1983 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington, I spent two years at Tacoma Community College, followed by two years at The Evergreen State College, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987. The emphasis of my study was in physics and mathematics.

My first job after graduation was at the Weyerhaeuser Technology Center where I worked a lot with computers and discovered that I enjoyed programming. So, in 1988 I decided to increase my computer competency by studying computer engineering at the University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering. This lead to my receiving a Masters in Electrical Engineering degree in 1990.

I would spend most of the next years in the computer industry (including two stints at Microsoft) writing software, which often involved interacting with databases. Within a year of creating this website in 2007, I expanded my web development work by becoming the webmaster of the websites of ZY Qigong, Seattle Advanced Bodywork Associates (SABA) and Ponderosa Innovative Solutions.