Transformational Astrological Consultations

If you have challenges of a spiritual, physical, emotional or mental nature, Peter can help you master these with a transformational astrological consultation. He approaches each consultation from a spiritually holistic perspective and sees each client as the only one who can truly heal himself. Thus, Peter sees his role as an assistant in any personal transformational process. The assistance he provides helps clients become aware of patterns in their life that may be sabotaging their ability to experience well-being and claim their personal power to live a more fulfilling life.

Astrology is a useful tool in understanding ourselves because we live in a holographic universe, where the whole is found in each of its pieces. In other words, whatever occurs in the heavens has a corresponding (non-causal) occurrence in our lives. Since we are connected to the cosmos, astrology gives us an opportunity to understand a greater, more subtle aspect of ourselves: a deeper reality that underlies the unity of all. As a result of learning about yourself from a cosmic perspective, you can better flow with the Universe.

The consciousness of both the astrologer and client are critical to what is discovered and revealed in a consultation. The horoscope, the chart an astrologer reads during a consultation, reveals patterns of planetary positions which represent “patterns of consciousness” in your life. Discussing these patterns can be helpful in bringing to light unconscious patterns that no longer serve you, giving you the opportunity to transform them into expressions that are in harmony with your deepest being and the Universe.

Consultations can be done in-person or remotely (e.g., over the telephone or Skype). If the client desires, a recording can be made of the consultation with the client’s own recording device, or Peter can produce a digital recording of sessions that are done in person or over Skype. He offers several types of transformational astrological consultations. Below is an explanation of each one:

Natal Consultation

Price: $200.00

The natal consultation consists of a reading of the client’s natal chart followed by a forecast. The natal chart shows the position of the planets at the moment the client was born. It reveals profound tendencies in the client’s character. These tendencies, depending on how they are fostered, can develop into fortes or flaws and result in fulfillments or frustrations. Becoming aware of these tendencies and how they are being expressed in the client’s life is the primary value that a natal consultation can provide because a client who knows himself is a person who is more empowered to take conscious actions that lead to a more fulfilling life with a minimum of frustrations.

A natal consultation, which lasts no more than two hours, is usually the first consultation that clients have with Peter. In order to construct your natal chart, he requires the date, time and place of your birth. If the exact birth time is not known, you will need to use Peter’s chart rectification service.

Chart Rectification

Price: $100.00

If a client wants an effective reading of his natal chart, he must provide an astrologer with the exact time and place of his birth. Not all clients know the exact time of their birth, though. Fortunately, an astrological technique, called chart rectification can be employed to construct the natal chart of those clients who do not know their birth time. In performing a chart rectification, Peter requires the client to provide a chronological list of significant events in his life. From this, Peter can create a natal birth chart inductively by “forecasting backward.” The resulting rectified chart can then be verified for its accuracy during a natal consultation.


Price: $100.00

A forecast involves a discussion of expected trends in the client’s life for a span of time starting from the current moment. The span of time is chosen by the client and is usually a year, though some may opt for longer or shorter spans of time. In any case, knowledge of the trends that one is likely to experience given their current situation and consciousness can help clients be more aware of how to engage life so that they can take advantage of opportunities for personal growth and empowerment in a supportive, harmonious manner.

While a forecast is included in a natal consultation with Peter, it can also be a stand-alone consultation. Stand-alone consultations, which last about an hour, are only for clients who previously have had a natal consultation with Peter. To get the most out of this consultation, it is highly recommended that a client review his natal consultation recording or notes (if he has any) before having a stand-alone forecast.

Relationship Consultation

Price: Contact me for a quote.

A relationship consultation involves a comparison between two or more natal charts. The comparison of any two charts reveals the quality of the relationship of the people whose charts are being compared, including how each person tends to interact with the other. The result is that clients can better understand what issues are likely to manifest in their relationship. Knowledge of these issues can help the clients be more aware of how to engage with each other in a supportive, harmonious manner that promotes personal growth and empowerment.

Relationship consultations are only for clients who previously have had a natal consultation with Peter. To get the most out of this consultation, it is highly recommended that a client review his natal consultation recording or notes (if he has any) before having a relationship consultation.

Locational Consultation

Price: $100.00

A locational consultation entails discussing the significance of various geographical locations of interest to the client. Locational astrology can suggest areas of the world that emphasize a particular theme in one’s natal chart. For example, if one desires to experience an intimate relationship but is having difficulty doing so, one might move to an area of the world that emphasizes intimate relationships (as prescribed by his chart). Alternatively, he might meet someone from that same area and finally experience an intimate relationship.

A locational consultation, which lasts for about an hour, is only for clients who previously have had a natal consultation with Peter. To get the most out of this consultation, it is highly recommended that a client review his natal consultation recording or notes (if he has any) before having a locational consultation.

Question and Answer (Horary) Consultation

Special Price: $15.00 per question

For those who would like to have simple questions answered, Peter provides a question and answer (or horary) consultation. This type of consultation may be useful for such things as finding lost items or making decisions when faced with multiple options. Any type of question may be asked. Peter’s intention in these consultations is to help clients get in touch with their highest good in the process of providing answers to their questions.

A horary consultation is perfect for those who have never had an astrological consultation with Peter and want to “test the waters” before investing in a natal consultation. This is the simplest type of consultation that Peter offers because no birth data is needed in order for him to construct a chart. In addition, while they can be done in person, horary consultations are usually done remotely since they tend to be brief.

In addition, Peter has a referral program in which clients can receive on-going credit for the business that he does with their referrals.

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For more information about Peter’s background with respect to astrology, read About the Heavenly Observer.


“The clarity with which Peter saw the astrological big picture and the simple pertinency of its application to my specific situation, delivered in the perfect language for me to hear, gives me confidence in his interpretations of my chart, along with encouraging suggestions for me to use with the everyday circumstances of my life. I feel fortunate in having Peter as one of the fine wellness instructors assisting me on my journey.” – LA

“I very much enjoyed receiving a full astrological reading from Peter B. Roth. To my surprise, his interpretation of my personality, desires and tendencies was very accurate, and I was able to understand my motivations behind my goals and actions more clearly after having experienced his reading. Peter was also very thorough and patient in answering all my questions during our session. I would highly recommend Peter!” – VR

“I’ve had several sessions with Peter for qigong and astrological readings and he is not only an amazingly insightful person, but is also very thoughtful with his words in how he presents the material to you. He creates a very warm and healing environment. Thank you for sharing your gifts!” – APR

“In my astrological readings with Peter, he has aptly addressed my desire as a consciously evolving person, for an astrological perspective that incorporates the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and practical aspects of life in today’s new age. His extensive understanding of both western and Vedic astrology underlie his very capable integration and expansion of these traditional astrological approaches, into valuable new places and perspectives. Qualities that Peter brings to our sessions are: his spot-on intuition; loving, sensitive nature; open mind; intellectual prowess; strength of character; integrity; courage; and commitment to his own personal growth, along with his exceptional ability and desire to contribute constructively to the evolution of those interested in receiving his assistance. His holistic readings have become a valued adjunct to my spiritual practice, acting as a supportive component in my personal journey to deeper levels of the heart, and to higher, broader levels of understanding and of being. Truly transformational!” – DN

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