Referral Program

Peter is grateful for the support of his clients, who he has the privilege of serving with his personal transformation services. Their support is crucial to the success of his business. So, in order to show his appreciation, he has developed a referral program.

Referral Program Details

Peter’s referral program is about giving clients credit proportional to how much business they bring him. Specifically, for every five dollars that you bring Peter’s way via a referral, he will add one dollar of credit to your referral account. That’s twenty percent! This credit can be applied to your next Transformational Spiritual Healing Session or Transformational Astrological Consultation. For example, if Susan refers Jill to Peter and Jill has a natal consultation, which is $200, Peter would add $40 to Susan’s referral account (since 20% of $200 is $40). If Susan came in for a forecast for $100 at some later date, she would only have to pay $60 (since $100 – $40 = $60).

In addition, continued business done by a referral of yours will result in continued credit added to your referral account. So, in the example above, the more business Peter does with Jill, the more credit Susan gets. Please note that referral credits have no cash value and will only be applied to the Transformational Spiritual Healing and Transformational Astrological Consultation services that Peter renders.

Signing up for the Referral Program

In order to participate in this program, Peter must have either an email address or a phone number where he can reach you. You do not have to be a current client of Peter’s to begin participating in the program.

Contact Peter now to sign up for his referral program!