Transformational Spiritual Healing Sessions

If you have challenges of a spiritual, physical, emotional or mental nature, Peter can help you master these with a transformational spiritual healing session. He approaches each session from a spiritually holistic perspective and sees each client as the only one who can truly heal himself. Thus, Peter sees his role as an assistant in any personal transformational process. The assistance he provides helps clients become aware of patterns in their life that may be sabotaging their ability to experience well-being and claim their personal power to live a more fulfilling life.

In a spiritual healing session, Peter listens to what the client would like to share (if anything). He then may perform some qigong healing techniques, share wisdom, suggest exercises or suggest nutritional changes based on a combination of his keen intuition, knowledge and personal experience.

The nutritional philosophy that Peter embraces is derived from the perspective that well-being is experienced when one is in harmony with oneself and the Universe on all levels. On the physical level, this means consuming food that humans were meant to eat, namely, whole foods to which we are naturally attracted. Observation has shown that humans are mainly attracted to fruits and vegetables. Eating animal products or highly processed food does not serve the body well in the long-term. Therefore, one would be wise to adopt a diet consisting of mostly raw, whole plant-based foods to support a life of long-term physical health, peace of mind and increased sensitivity, especially to one’s vital energy, otherwise known as qi.

Qigong, then, is the practice of becoming sensitive to the body’s qi so that the natural flow of this energy can be restored and maintained. Good health occurs when qi is flowing. Peter’s use of qigong in a healing session involves scanning a client from a distance using his hand or “third eye” to locate qi blockages in the client’s body. These blockages reflect challenges in the client’s life at multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental and ultimately, spiritual). Once a blockage is located, Peter gets an image, feeling or sense of its significance in the client’s life. He describes this image, feeling or sense to the client so that the client can use that information in the healing process. Peter then directs qi to the blocked area in order to encourage the client’s qi to flow there. The direction of qi is done through conscious intention on Peter’s part, and if he is seeing the client in person, the qi application sometimes may be facilitated through touch. In summary, Peter’s method of spiritual healing is based in large part on the ZY Qigong techniques of Image Medicine, as practiced at the Kundawell Institute in Beijing, China.

When one has developed entrenched habits of unnatural living, it may take a while to heal the inevitable maladies that result. For this reason, clients may return for additional sessions in order to continue the transformational healing process that was started during their initial session. Ultimately, the process of healing is the responsibility of clients, and in order to assist them in reinforcing new ways of being that lead to good health, Peter often recommends certain practices to clients. These practices may include certain exercises or certain dietary changes.

Two ways that clients can empower themselves to expedite the healing process and maintain their well-being are (1) good nutrition (as mentioned above) and (2) the regular practice of qigong. For those who have never tried qigong and would like to learn more about it or take classes, Peter recommends the main type of qigong that he practices, ZY Qigong, but the practice of any type of qigong is generally fine for enhancing one’s well-being.

Peter can perform spiritual healings on animal companions, too! He has found that an animal’s state of well-being tends to reflect some aspect of its human’s life. So, be prepared to be intimately involved in your animal’s healing process during the session and beyond because doing so could have a profound impact on your life and well-being, too!

For more information about Peter’s background with respect to spiritual healing, read About the Healer.

How much does a session cost?

Peter’s rate for a Transformational Spiritual Healing session is $120.00 per hour. Most sessions take about two hours. However, if he feels that a client does not need a full two-hour session, he simply charges a prorated amount for the length of the actual session. Similarly, if a client does not desire a full two-hour session for any reason, a shorter session can be pre-arranged. The sessions can be either done in person or remotely (e.g., over the telephone or Skype).

In addition, Peter has a referral program in which clients can receive on-going credit for the business that he does with their referrals.

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“Anyone can tell you that they’re a healer, especially when their modality is mostly hands-off. But then every once in a great while, you meet the person whose ability to change and effect your mind, body, and soul is irrefutable. When I had the good fortune to meet Peter B. Roth a few years ago, my life changed for the better. His gift was immediately apparent, and my subsequent visits with him have brought me closer to understanding and empowering myself to get involved in my own healing. With all the charlatans in the world, I count my blessing that my path crossed Peter’s. He is a true healer.” – KC

“The work is subtle and at the same time surprisingly powerful. During my first session, the image you had and then shared with me was the perfect illustration of my emotional state that whole week. After I acknowledged those feelings and then let them go, I felt lighter, happier and more motivated. Thank you.” – MM

“I received one of Peter’s transformational healing sessions where he employed spiritual healing and qigong with me. I had never experienced something quite like this before and was pleasantly surprised at his accuracy in pinpointing what was bothering me and what I was not acknowledging that needed to be changed in my life. At the end of the session, I felt empowered and motivated to contemplate further what was discovered. I have since then made a significant change in my life for the better because of his recommendation. I would highly recommend Peter’s healing services for your well-being!” – VR

“My qigong treatments with Peter are a key asset to my healing journey, connecting, filling in the missing pieces, and going beyond the assistance I receive from naturopathic, mental health, and medical modalities. The holistic natures of qigong and of Peter, himself, support my personal spiritual practice, and assist in my integration of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of my healing, being, and living. Peter’s gentle, intuitive way, along with his command of qigong principles and techniques, rate his qigong treatments among my greater blessings.” – DN

“I’ve had several sessions with Peter for qigong and astrological readings and he is not only an amazingly insightful person, but is also very thoughtful with his words in how he presents the material to you. He creates a very warm and healing environment. Thank you for sharing your gifts!” – APR

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