Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

organized by Raam Dev

authored by people who care

created for people who want to make a difference

Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

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In this e-book, I am only one of 43 contributors, which include my good friend and spiritual brother, Kelly Lee Phipps (Traveling Magi), and Raam Dev, a friend I met online via Kelly. It is Raam who thought of creating this e-book and assembled the contributions from Kelly, me and the other 40 people who submitted ideas for the e-book.

As you can read in more detail in the e-book, Raam sold most of his possessions to give him the freedom to travel the world. He arrived in India with $1500 and a single bag of possessions. His intention was to live in another country for half a year on a monthly budget and to take time to discover who he was and what he wanted out of life. What he encountered, though, was a world in trouble. He met a lot of people who desperately needed help. He began contemplating what he could do to assist those in need. He eventually realized that just being himself was enough to start changing the world! The idea for this e-book then came to him as his small way to make a big difference. As you read this e-book you will see that anyone can have a profound impact on this world of ours!

Raam based the idea for this e-book on the premise that people are good and want to improve the world by making a difference in the lives of those around them. He asked fellow bloggers to share what they were currently doing in their lives that was making a difference. This resulted in the 118 ideas proposed in the e-book. Some of the ideas are very similar, indicating that they are perhaps the most critical to making a real difference.

While this e-book is packed with great ideas, I will entice you with a few that stand out in my mind. Lynn Fang (Upcycled Love) wrote Consciously recognize interdependency and Empathize. David Turnbull (Adventures of a Barefoot Geek) wrote Contemplate criticism and Under-think your life’s purpose. Farnoosh Brock (Prolific Living) wrote Set an example and be a role model, and Jeffrey Tang (Pen vs. Paper) wrote Share what you do.

Of course, you must read Kelly Lee Phipps’ inspiring entries. Develop a relationship with the stars is on page 36, Question reality is on page 114, and Form a creative ritual is on page 143. While I’m at it, you can read my contributions on pages 51, 76 and 100. The respective subjects on these pages are Give without expectations, Focus on the present moment and Realize the truth about money.

Download this e-book at Raam’s website. At this site you will be invited to join his Passionate Changemakers email list so that he can inform you about future projects.

Raam and I (and I’m sure the other contributors, as well) hope that this e-book not only gives people hope, but also serves as a catalyst to inspire the readers to take action that further inspires others to think about how they can make the world a better place right now!