Return of the Magi

A Documentary Film of Authentic Astrology

Produced, directed and hosted by Kelly Lee Phipps

Return of the Magi

Return of the Magi

The Magi were the three Wise Men who read the signs of the heavens that led them to the Christ Child and the dawn of the Age of Pisces. They were Persian astrologer-priests, well versed in the poetic language of the stars. Today brilliant, intelligent and thoughtful men and women carry on that astrological tradition of interpreting the symbols of the changing heavens in order to help people discover their destinies and navigate their lives. Modern astrology is experiencing a renaissance at the dawn of the Aquarian Age!

Astrology’s ancient history, traditions, art and metaphysics are explored in fascinating detail in this inviting documentary. Discover true astrology beyond daily horoscopes and how the alignment of the stars affects our realities. Pioneering astrologer, mystical poet, cosmic philosopher, and spiritual filmmaker, Kelly Lee Phipps reveals to mainstream culture the profession of authentic astrology with this compilation of dynamic interviews of more than thirty top international astrologers and PhDs, some of whom were once skeptical of the subject. Wrapped around the story of a young woman (Christina Brazenwood) in distress who discovers through a chance encounter with a wise man (Peter Roth) a path in which astrology brings her an awakening, the interviews offer insights to create a multidimensional view of this often misunderstood language of the stars.

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Viewing Return of the Magi

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