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The World of Peter B. Roth

Peter B. Roth

Sharing My Passions of Well-Being

I created this website to share my passions and talents in order to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. Contact me if you would like to provide feedback, use my services or mutually link our websites, as well as if you have any other questions.

Public Appearances

Currently, no appearances are scheduled.

Personal Transformational Services

My personal transformational services help clients claim their personal power to live a more fulfilling life and master spiritual, physical, emotional or mental challenges. In addition, I offer referral credit for these services.

Transformational Spiritual Healing

I provide sessions using the following:

  • intuition
  • wisdom
  • qigong practices
  • nutritional knowledge

I also can do transformational presentations on a variety of subjects.

Inspirational Products

All of the products in which I played a part in the creation process could be described as inspirational, educational or entertaining. Featured below are one of my books and one of my videos. Click on a product's images for more information about it or view my other products.

Featured Book

Notes to Self - Inspirational Wisdom for Daily Living

Featured Video

Return of the Magi

Stimulating Blog

The intention of my blog is to share my insights, observations and thoughts that occur as I venture through the various experiences that comprise my life. Writing from a spiritual (non-religious) perspective, my focus is around the theme of well-being at the personal, social or environmental level.

Read my blog at
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Social Media Presence

I regularly post a new Note to Self on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In addition, I also post other items of an uplifting, activist or humorous nature (This is especially true on Facebook). Below are the links to my posts on each site, respectively:

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Engaging Podcast Appearances

Here is the latest podcast in which I have been a guest:

Brenda Black
Show: Your Astrology NOW!
Host: Brenda Black
Episode: August 14, 2013 (It may take a few minutes to download)
Description: Brenda and I answer listener questions as I discuss among other things, planetary transits from the point of view of the astrological system that I have developed.

Listen to my guest appearances on other podcasts.

Ongoing Projects

This section lists all of my in-progress projects where I welcome input from the public. So far, I have only one published project on this website: