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The World of Peter B. Roth

Peter B. Roth

Sharing My Passions of Well-Being

I created this website to share my passions and talents in order to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. Contact me if you would like to provide feedback, use my services or mutually link our websites, as well as if you have any other questions.

Public Appearances

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Event: Ask-a-Vegan Meetup (RSVP required)
My role: mentor with Vilma Reynoso
Place: Native Foods Cafe
Address: 2023 S Colorado Blvd, Denver CO 80210

Personal Transformational Services

My personal transformational services help clients claim their personal power to live a more fulfilling life and master spiritual, physical, emotional or mental challenges. In addition, I offer referral credit for these services.

Transformational Spiritual Healing

I provide sessions using the following:

  • intuition
  • wisdom
  • qigong practices
  • nutritional knowledge

I also can do transformational presentations on a variety of subjects.

Inspirational Products

All of the products in which I played a part in the creation process could be described as inspirational, educational or entertaining. Featured below are one of my books and one of my videos. Click on a product's images for more information about it or view my other products.

Featured Book

Notes to Self - Inspirational Wisdom for Daily Living

Featured Video

Return of the Magi

Stimulating Blog

The intention of my blog is to share my insights, observations and thoughts that occur as I venture through the various experiences that comprise my life. Writing from a spiritual (non-religious) perspective, my focus is around the theme of well-being at the personal, social or environmental level.

Read my blog at
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Social Media Presence

I regularly post a new Note to Self on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In addition, I also post other items of an uplifting, activist or humorous nature (This is especially true on Facebook). Below are the links to my posts on each site, respectively:

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Engaging Podcast Appearances

Here is the latest podcast in which I have been a guest:

Brenda Black
Show: Your Astrology NOW!
Host: Brenda Black
Episode: August 14, 2013 (It may take a few minutes to download)
Description: Brenda and I answer listener questions as I discuss among other things, planetary transits from the point of view of the astrological system that I have developed.

Listen to my guest appearances on other podcasts.

Ongoing Projects

This section lists all of my in-progress projects where I welcome input from the public. So far, I have only one published project on this website: